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Welcome to Crawfords Accountants

Crawfords Accountants is one of the oldest independent accounting firms in Manchester. However,  we’re not just number crunchers, we are also business advisors who understand that practical problems demand practical solutions.

Our accountants identify with everyday business issues and we talk fluent common sense to help you build business success. It’s this simple, no nonsense philosophy that embodies the Crawfords Culture.

Based in Salford, Manchester, we’ve quietly carved a reputation as the end-to-end accountancy solution in the North West. We offer accounting services from business planning through to tax advice, auditing and commercial fraud. We work closely with our clients – which span from start ups through to Plcs – to identify how we can help you run the most profitable business possible.

Whether you’re in need of a full business overhaul or if the admin of bookkeeping and payroll is keeping you from the important business of focussing on growing your business – Crawfords can provide accounting services to suit you.


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Technology may transform accounting for doctors

Accounting for doctors is likely to become more complicated in the years to come, as emerging technologies continue to transform the way we all seek medical advice. In an article on the Manchester City Council website, Dr Sirfraz Hussain of Manchester’s Moss Side Family Practice describes how video calls are allowing his team to carry [...]

Accountants in Manchester can help declare offshore tax liabilities

Our accountants in Manchester can help you to declare any hidden offshore tax liabilities to HMRC, given the news that the government is seeking to make it a criminal offence to fail to declare these. A consultation paper launched by HMRC is seeking people’s views on the offence itself, and on how to safeguard against [...]

Time for student landlords to consult on property tax

Our Manchester property accountants are ready to take enquiries from potential student landlords on issues relating to property tax. The period between the publication of A-level results and the start of the new academic year is bound to be a busy one, and it is worth remembering that not all first-year students choose to live [...]

Property accountants can help prepare for rate rises

The August decision by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee once again saw the base rate held at its historically low level of 0.5%; however, with economists increasingly expecting a rise in the coming months, it may be worth consulting property accountants in order to take pre-emptive action. Several groups of people could benefit [...]

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