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Welcome to Crawfords Accountants

Crawfords Accountants is one of the oldest independent accounting firms in Manchester. However,  we’re not just number crunchers, we are also business advisors who understand that practical problems demand practical solutions.

Our accountants identify with everyday business issues and we talk fluent common sense to help you build business success. It’s this simple, no nonsense philosophy that embodies the Crawfords Culture.

Based in Salford, Manchester, we’ve quietly carved a reputation as the end-to-end accountancy solution in the North West. We offer accounting services from business planning through to tax advice, auditing and commercial fraud. We work closely with our clients – which span from start ups through to Plcs – to identify how we can help you run the most profitable business possible.

Whether you’re in need of a full business overhaul or if the admin of bookkeeping and payroll is keeping you from the important business of focussing on growing your business – Crawfords can provide accounting services to suit you.


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Why national parks make property tax ‘peak’ in Manchester

The amount of property tax you pay on a transaction is, of course, typically linked with the value of the property itself – and Manchester’s proximity to the Peak District is just one factor that may mean there is more of a tax bill to minimise than there might be elsewhere in the UK. In [...]

Manchester property accountants can help avoid affordability woes

If you are planning to buy a home (or even to rent) in Manchester, our property accountants can help you to make sure your finances are in order, so there are no nasty surprises later on. Applying for a mortgage will inevitably bring your finances under scrutiny anyway, and if you are self-employed, a first-time [...]

Manchester accountants can help you reap rewards on Small Business Saturday

This Saturday December 6th is Small Business Saturday, and our Manchester accountants hope all our small business clients are prepared to reap the rewards of this annual event. You don’t have to be a retailer to join in, although much of the media coverage tends to focus on independent gift shops and free car parking [...]

Manchester accountants can help unravel VAT mess

If, like our Manchester accountants, you’re active on social media networks, you may have spotted the outcry over ‘VATMOSS’ over the past few days. This is a new piece of legislation due to come into force from January 2015, designed to charge VAT on digital products sold to EU consumers at the point of purchase, [...]

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