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Welcome to Crawfords Accountants

Crawfords Accountants is one of the oldest independent accounting firms in Manchester. However,  we’re not just number crunchers, we are also business advisors who understand that practical problems demand practical solutions.

Our accountants identify with everyday business issues and we talk fluent common sense to help you build business success. It’s this simple, no nonsense philosophy that embodies the Crawfords Culture.

Based in Salford, Manchester, we’ve quietly carved a reputation as the end-to-end accountancy solution in the North West. We offer accounting services from business planning through to tax advice, auditing and commercial fraud. We work closely with our clients – which span from start ups through to Plcs – to identify how we can help you run the most profitable business possible.

Whether you’re in need of a full business overhaul or if the admin of bookkeeping and payroll is keeping you from the important business of focussing on growing your business – Crawfords can provide accounting services to suit you.


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Property tax, second incomes and other lodger risks

If you are planning to take in a lodger – or have already done so – there are a few things you should consider, such as their impact on your exposure to property tax and income tax, insurance, and maintenance costs. According to figures from LV=, twice as many households now have a lodger than [...]

Healthcare accounting can remove the ‘fear of the unknown’

Our healthcare accounting professionals have a lot in common with the medical professionals we serve – we are both employed in disciplines where our clients often would prefer not to need us. New figures from LV= show that 65% of men ignore health issues, and 7% would not visit a doctor even if they had [...]

Manchester accountants hear more news of transport spending

Our Manchester accountants have learned of even more planned spending on transport infrastructure in the city, including more updating and upgrading of the Metrolink network. Metrolink frequently divides opinion among Mancunians – some welcome the regular services and fairly fast journey times, while commuters often find the reliability of the service to be inadequate. Overcoming [...]

Manchester accountants count the cost of speeding

Our Manchester accountants have a word of warning for motorists in the area – particularly those who regularly use the M60, such as regular commuters. Junction 25, near Brinnington in north-east Stockport, has been named as the ‘busiest’ junction in the country in terms of the number of speeding tickets awarded there. In 2013, 9,326 [...]

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