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VAT Compliance

Our team of VAT accountants make the typically stressful task of VAT Return preparation and complying with VAT regulations simple, allowing you to enjoy doing what you do best.

Originally pitched as a “simple tax” when introduced in 1973, VAT’s increased complexity now means it is anything but. Indeed, this complexity has resulted in ensuring compliance with all VAT regulations is now increasingly burdensome for business owners.

We remove that complexity from you and take it into our hands. Our VAT compliance specialists have all the knowledge required to ensure you don’t fall foul of regulations and incur costly penalties as a result.

How we can help

Our VAT compliance accountants can help you with:

  • VAT registration: if your turnover and the value of services purchased from overseas combined meets or exceeds £85,000, registering for VAT is compulsory. It may also be desirable to register to recover VAT on costs or facilitate relationships with suppliers. Our team will advise on whether you should register for VAT and, if so, manage the complex, strictly controlled process required for registration. Failing to register at the right time can lead to costly penalties for your business, so anyone expecting their business to grow to this scale should look for advice and have a plan in place as early as possible to avoid problems
  • Simplifying your VAT obligations: once registered for VAT all businesses have several obligations, such as filing VAT Returns and keeping detailed records. Our VAT accountants will guide you through simplification schemes to keep your administrative burdens to a minimum whilst ensuring all Returns and other relevant information are filed on time and in compliance with regulations
  • Advising on relevant VAT schemes: there are several VAT schemes which may be relevant to your business. Some are mandatory and will see you receiving penalties should you not engage with them, while others are optional but can help to reduce the amount of VAT you pay. Expert advice in this area is therefore essential. Our advisors will ensure you are registered with all relevant schemes, removing the risk of penalties and minimising the VAT payable by your business
  • VAT audits and health checks: if you are managing your VAT returns in-house, our specialist VAT accountants can review your records to ensure that the process is as streamlined as possible and you minimise the risk of errors.

Getting all these issues off your plate and into the hands of the experts allows you to relax and focus on your business, safe in the knowledge you will be completely compliant, and your financial obligations will be minimised.

Our specialities

At Crawfords, we have helped businesses in a vast array of industries with their VAT advice since the introduction of the tax in 1973 and continue to do so to this day. During this time, we have developed a specific knowledge of several specialised areas.

Complex VAT arrears investigations assistance

If you fail to pay the correct amount of VAT or have made a mistake in the past and your account goes into arrears HMRC will chase you. Aggressively. HMRC is the most common business creditor and can take you to court for the debts immediately, making it vital you resolve any issues swiftly.

Often, however, these cases are not as simple as they may appear on the surface. Our team can untangle even the most complex of cases and paint a true picture of your arrears before negotiating with HMRC on your behalf.

Property VAT

Property investors and developers must be aware of nine different types of tax. Although VAT may just be one, it is a significant part of the equation affecting both commercial and residential developments.

Your VAT liabilities as a property investor or developer depend on a range of factors and can get incredibly complex very quickly. Our expertise ensures you pay the correct amount of VAT, take advantage of all applicable deductions, and follow all regulations.

VAT for overseas sales

VAT regulations for selling overseas are once again incredibly complex, differing from country-to-country and dependent on several other factors. This makes it easy to misunderstand rules and not keep vital evidence, potentially bringing significant liabilities.

We help a variety of businesses operating across the globe ensure their VAT obligations are in order. International expansion is already an incredible challenge, we can take VAT worries out of your hands.

Contact us

If you’re having issues with your VAT Returns or you’re worried about remaining compliant, we’re here to help.

Our team has been helping businesses stay compliant of all regulations while minimising their obligations since VAT first launched. We have the experience required to help you, no matter how complex your requirements.

To discuss your VAT Return preparation and compliance requirements with our specialist team of VAT accountants, call us today on 0161 828 1000.

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