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Crawfords Accountancy


It may be surprising but there are nine different types of tax that must be considered by property investors or developers.  Whether it be properties held in your own name, in trusts, your pension scheme or a company your portfolio deserves the advice that our sector specialist accountants can give.

We can advise on the accounting, tax and commercial aspects that you will come across and some that you may not know about.  We maintain strong links with other professionals such as solicitors, valuers and mortgage providers, all of whom are key to the success of a property venture.

We specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial property whether by investors or developers and typically advice on the following:

  • How your ‘business’ or investment should be structured
  • Whether property should be held inside or outside of a limited company
  • Planning to make the most of available tax reliefs and exemptions.
  • VAT and the option to tax on commercial property
  • Advising on ownership issues particularly between couples
  • Capital Gains Tax issues and mitigation
  • The Non-resident landlord scheme and other tax implications of ownership by non-resident landlords.
  • Avoiding ATED and CIS pitfalls

With ever reducing returns of investments generally, property is becoming even more popular than it has been in the past either for people’s own business or for long term investment. Whether you are starting up a property portfolio with only a single property or developing an existing larger property and be it for investment purposes or development, it is likely that your own circumstances will differ from that of many others and deserves advice that is specific to you and your plans.  The Crawfords approach is to consider everyone’s personal circumstances and to advise accordingly.  This is as important with property as any other business and is often under estimated.

Daniel Prais

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