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Professional healthcare accounting from our expert team of Manchester accountants can help you to manage the transition from being a student to becoming a well-paid doctor.

The university route to becoming a doctor is lengthy and costly, and can leave new graduates with considerable debts, including – but not limited to – a sizeable student loan.

With a good level of income from early in the career, however, doctors are well placed to repay high-interest debts quickly and eliminate their student loan ahead of schedule.

Figures from the Co-operative Bank show 70% of all Britons now have a debt problem, which has worsened in the past year for one in two.

Kim Stephenson, psychology and finance expert, says: “Confronting the problems now will start you on the road to making your finances healthier.”

Our Manchester accountants can help those entering a career at one of the city’s respected medical institutions to determine their after-tax income, outgoings and total personal debt.

With this knowledge at your disposal, you can begin a process of healthcare accounting that will allow you to keep your finances as healthy as possible throughout your career.