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Your property doesn’t have to carry a seven-figure price tag for Manchester accountants to be able to help you on issues like property tax.

Selling a low-value property can actually give you plenty of good ways to reduce your exposure to property tax, as stamp duty may not apply at all, and capital gains are likely to be lower on a less valuable property.

During April 2013, the north-west’s average property price in Land Registry data was £107,184, a fall of 3.7% year-on-year.

But the single lowest-priced property sold during the month was worth just £10,000, and was located in Platt Bridge.

With a broad range of prices asked on properties throughout the region, it’s important to know exactly what property tax you will be required to pay, to avoid losing out on a substantial portion of your potential profits.

Our Manchester accountants can advise you on property transactions wherever you are located in the north-west, and regardless of the asking price – and we will always act to ensure as much of the proceeds of the sale end up in your account as possible, rather than going to the taxman unnecessarily.