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With the greatest concentration of digital professionals found in several locations outside of London, Manchester accountants have an important role to play in supporting the city’s dotcom workers.

A report from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research says the government’s estimates of the scale of the digital economy are too conservative, and are based on the 65-year-old system of SIC codes to classify which sector people are employed by.

Using a system devised by London-based sales software provider Growth Intelligence, the NIESR has reassessed the size of the digital economy – and the areas where it is at its most active.

Manchester is one of the highest-concentration locations for digital professionals, along with other hotspots like Aberdeen and Middlesbrough, all of which are outside of London.

NIESR senior research fellow Dr Max Nathan says: “The old image of tech businesses as start-ups that make no money is out of date. Using big data, we show a broad array of active businesses selling digital products and services.”

For those self-employed or just starting out in the north-west’s digital economy, Manchester accountants can help to understand taxation and other such issues, to support future sustainable growth in your earnings.