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If you’re planning to raise a family – either in the short term or in the more distant future – our Manchester accountants may be able to help you structure your finances so that they go further.

Whether it’s a case of maximising your personal income, or minimising your outgoings on expenses like rental property tax, there are steps you can take to improve your financial position.

And it may help to know what the biggest areas of expenditure are for parents in the north of England – something Halifax have just published figures on.

Interestingly, the north fares better than other regions on some measures, and worse on others.

For instance, food is relatively cheap in the north as a whole – costing an average of £74.41 per month, with only East England coming in at a cheaper average price.

Yet holidays are among the most expensive, at £59.27 per month on average – the highest outside of South England and London.

It’s an example of why regional knowledge is key to making the most of your finances, something our Manchester accountants know well.