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If you’re concerned about the future affordability of a property you own – whether it is your own home, or part of a rental property portfolio – our Manchester property accountants are here to help you get your finances in order.

Whether that means taking a more innovative approach to your exposure to property tax, or simply consolidating your property portfolio to a more affordable level, we can help you to decide the best way to proceed.

Our property accountants in Manchester city centre are ready to take enquiries, in light of recent figures from housing charity Shelter that show the north-west is a hotspot for evictions and repossessions.

As unemployment levels rise, so do the rates of repossession and eviction – and Manchester is mentioned alongside London and the Midlands as the most at-risk areas of the country at present.

“A third of people are already struggling with their housing costs or falling behind on payments,” warns Shelter’s chief executive Campbell Robb.

Homeowners are warned to be watchful for “illness, job loss or relationship breakdown” as the final nail in the coffin if they are already on the verge of defaulting on their mortgage repayments.