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Moving house can be an expensive business, but Manchester property accountants can help you to make sure that, when you buy property in the north-west, you do not spend unnecessarily on related fees that can be minimised.

According to figures from Lloyds Bank, moving house in the north-west cost an average of £6,435 in 2013, up by 2% since the previous year, and 21% over the past decade.

In the short term this compares well with the rest of the country, which saw an average increase of 6% in the past 12 months.

But over the full ten-year period, the whole of the UK averaged 22% growth in house-moving costs, meaning the north-west has fared little better in terms of affordability.

Marc Page, mortgages director at Lloyds Bank, says: “The cost of moving can be an expensive one, and rising house prices have had an impact on this with more property sales now within higher stamp duty brackets.”

On top of property tax, he adds that there may be administration fees associated with remortgaging or with moving out of a mortgaged property.

If you are concerned about property tax or mortgage fees ahead of a relocation, our Manchester property accountants may be able to advise on the best course of action.