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Property accountants are responsible for maintaining all records relating to company-owned or leased equipment, buildings and other property types. The role of property accountants is to record important information such as locations, values and descriptions, amongst other data.

Property accountants deal with all areas of property related finance. This includes, but not exclusive of, cash management, preparation of monthly bank reconciliations for checking accounts, cash audit preparation and maintain tax records.

Property accountants must have in depth knowledge of up-to-date tax laws and regulations relating to property. It is also vital that property accountants have solid skills in specific areas, including business, mathematics, listening, deductive reasoning, monitoring, judgement and decision-making.

It is usual for property accountants to regularly travel around for meetings with clients and carry out other duties. There are many different options for property accounts, in terms of work environments. Property accountants can work for public accounting firms, government agencies or even be self-employed.