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Generally speaking, the sole reason to need personal insolvency advice is if your income is not enough to meet all of your payments on debts, along with the usual day to day bills like utilities, food and so on.

If the one minus the other puts you into the red, and your circumstances do not improve quickly, you are highly likely to need personal insolvency advice before too long.

But if your circumstances are changing all the time, it can be even harder to know exactly what position your affordability is in – something the Debt Advisory Centre has highlighted in recent research.

The organisation explains that three in ten British workers have an income that changes, for example due to changing shift patterns or different amounts of paid overtime.

A fifth of these are on temporary contracts, flexible working arrangements or controversial ‘zero-hour contracts’ which do not guarantee any minimum level of work at all.

Spokesman Ian Williams said: “More and more workers have no certainty about how much work they will get each week or month, and therefore how much they will earn.

“This makes budgeting for regular bills and living costs, as well as debt repayments, extremely challenging.”