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Our Manchester property accountants can advise on lots of different aspects of your personal finance – and combining these together could have a big impact on your overall quality of life.

A report from MoneySuperMarket has ranked Manchester eighth overall in the UK in terms of quality of life, in a shortlist of the country’s 12 biggest cities.

This is a fall from sixth place a year ago, and the overall rating given to Manchester residents’ quality of life is 0.50 – but that doesn’t paint the full picture.

For instance, on salary, Manchester ranks third behind only London and Edinburgh, with an average income of just under £24,500 per year.

Growth in disposable income, at 3.2%, is also not bad – higher than the 3.0% average of the 12 biggest cities, and close to the UK average of 3.3%.

But the 7.1% increase in house prices and general property activity lags many of the other cities, and the UK average of 11.5%.

If you own property, it is therefore advisable to speak to our Manchester property accountants to ensure you are maximising your return on your investment, and are not paying any unnecessary property tax, to obtain the greatest possible boost to your income and your overall quality of life.