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North-west property accountants can help you to make sure you get your full asking price when it comes to selling a property, by knowing what’s currently on the market in your area.

According to research from Aviva, more and more Britons are looking for high-spec interiors – and an increasing number of homes are being marketed as such.

In the north-west, in particular, Aviva found almost 23,000 properties listed for sale with high-spec design features among their selling points.

A massive 58% of these had underfloor heating, while 32% had granite work surfaces and 2% mentioned marble flooring.

Some gimmicks – such as built-in ceiling speakers and walk-in entertainment centres – are still fairly rare, accounting for less than 1% of the properties analysed.

But it seems brand-name appliances are in demand, with 9% listing white goods by Smeg or Miele as being included in the sale.

Whatever you have to put on the property market, north-west property accountants can help you to identify your selling points, maximising the return you make on your investment into your home.