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Figures from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks reveal the pattern of reasons property accountants across the country see from their clients when it comes to buying their first home.

And the north-west seems particularly balanced across the various different impulses – much more so than many other regions.

For instance, 22% each in the north-west said buying a home either made financial sense or was an investment for the future.

A further 20% wanted to save money compared with the cost of renting, while 17% each wanted to build up equity, or simply wanted to be a homeowner.

These figures are much more evenly split than, for example, the south-east, where 42% of house buyers are inspired by the decision making good financial sense.

In Wales, where 36% of those surveyed lived with their parents or family up until owning their first home, a corresponding 36% simply wanted to be a homeowner.

By contrast, in the north-west, 70% of buyers rent first – potentially making it more difficult to make the move into homeownership.

Whatever your reasons for buying a property, our Manchester property accountants can help you to understand the financial issues involved, and climb the ladder one rung higher from your current level.