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Our specialist property accountants can help you to get your mortgage affairs into order, if you are approaching retirement with a substantial balance still owing.

According to Saga, around a million endowment policies are likely to leave over-50s unable to fully pay off their mortgages, with an average shortfall of £49,000 remaining.

One in four of these will be unable to cover this outstanding balance without selling the property, despite the fact that half of this age group have stayed in the same home for 20 years or more.

“Finding your endowment policy has failed to pay out the way you expected can be a great shock,” says Saga’s director of communications Paul Green.

“But facing an endowment shortfall need not mean that you lose your home, as there are other options open to people to plug the gap.”

Our property accountants can help you to optimise what you are paying on your mortgage, as well as minimising the level of property tax you could be expected to pay if you sell your home to cover a shortfall.