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Residential property is still a good investment opportunity, and property accountants can help you to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment, as well as to navigate the slightly leaner times of ‘void periods’ and other such obstacles.

According to a report from LV=, 52% of under-35s do not own their home, and 42% of those who are renting would be happy to do so for the next decade or longer.

This represents a sizeable rental market – and with more Brits reaching maturity day by day, it’s one that should be sustainable indefinitely.

Property accountants can help you to understand how to tap into this market, as well as the things that might cause your profits to take a hit, from property tax to void periods.

The latter can be a major concern, as LV= also found that 65% of renters have no idea how they would pay their rent if they were to lose their current source of income.

If you are affected by non-paying renters as a landlord, our Manchester accountants may be able to help, from finding payment plans that work for your tenants, to offsetting any losses against your property tax bill.

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