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The amount of property tax you pay on a transaction is, of course, typically linked with the value of the property itself – and Manchester’s proximity to the Peak District is just one factor that may mean there is more of a tax bill to minimise than there might be elsewhere in the UK.

In fact Manchester is one of several cities close enough to the Peak District to see inflated property prices, according to a Nationwide report.

Nationwide’s chief economist Robert Gardner explains: “The Peak District serves the highest number of people [of any national park], with around 5.9 million living within 25km of its boundary.

“Its central location makes it accessible from major population centres such as Derby, Sheffield and Manchester.

“It is also a desirable place to live and average prices within the park have increased by 11% over the past year.”

For a property within the boundaries of a national park, you can expect to pay a price premium of around a fifth – but even up to 5km away, prices can still be around 8% higher.

With the Lake District also not too far north of Manchester, the premium paid in the city and its surroundings – both in terms of house prices and associated property tax – is perhaps even higher than most.