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Our Manchester accountants handle property tax cases from all over the Greater Manchester region, but new research from Halifax shows why an interest in football is more than just an extracurricular activity for our property accountants.

In particular, it seems that owning a home close to a Premiership stadium can be a prudent investment – which could come as a surprise to anyone who thought buyers would be put off by passing fans and congested matchday traffic and parking.

The city’s great red-blue rivalry falls in favour of Manchester City this time, as properties close to the Etihad Stadium have grown in value by 271% in the past ten years – although it’s worth remembering that the stadium only opened in 2002 for the Commonwealth Games.

Manchester United rank 13th in the Premier League property table, but with a 91% increase in the past ten years, Old Trafford has still lifted nearby homes slightly higher than the national average of 90% in terms of price growth.

Wherever you live in the city, our Manchester accountants are here to help you work out your exposure to property tax in all its forms, with specialist property accountants to explain the ins and outs of the modern-day market to you in a fast-changing climate.