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The latest figures published by HM Revenue & Customs show property tax receipts have remained steady over the past two years, after recovering from a fall in the two years before.

Stamp taxes of all kinds are totalled together in the analysis, including those collected from land, property and share sales.

In 2011-12, property tax receipts stood at around £9 billion, broadly similar to their 2010-11 level, but up by £1 billion from the 2008-10 period.

Before that time, total stamp tax receipts were much higher, peaking at over £14 billion in 2007-08.

Within the total, property tax in the form of stamp duty has risen steadily from £4.8 billion in 2008-09 to £4.9 billion, £5.9 billion and £6.1 billion in each of the years since.

“The increase [in stamp taxes receipts] in 2010-11 can be attributed to higher prices and volumes of commercial and residential property, and a recovery in equity prices,” HMRC reports.

The analysis adds that the introduction of a 7% rate on residential property purchases of more than £2 million has raised over £0.5 billion in the past year – but that this was offset in the data by a £531 million fall in receipts from shares.