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Insolvency Services

If your business has been hit by tough trading conditions, Crawfords can offer sound insolvency and debt solutions to suit your businesses unique situation.

You might not be aware that recovery could still be an option for your business and if it is, you can rest assured that you’ll have the full force of Crawfords’ might behind you. You’ll also benefit from a talented team who will go above and beyond to find the best debt solutions and help you restructure your business to return it to profitability.

Where insolvency is the only option, Crawfords insolvency services will help you through the process to make it as painless as possible. We’ll:

  • Advise on all corporate matters
  • Advise on all individual insolvency matters
  • Respond to your or your client’s enquiry
  • Provide an initial free consultation without obligation
  • Deal with enquiries nationwide.

Personal Debt Solutions

If you are stressed and worried by personal debt, Crawfords can help to find debt solutions in all the key areas:

Individual Voluntary Arrangements–
A legally binding arrangement to ease the pressure of individual debt.

Informal Voluntary Arrangement–
A solution by mutual agreement with creditors.


Problem-solving with understanding, compassion and professionalism.

For further information on Personal Debt Solutions please contact Alex Kachani.

Corporate Debt Solutions

If your company or business is faced with debt, Crawfords is able to ease the burden with a range of solutions:

Creditor Voluntary Liquidation

Finding a solution without recourse to court proceeding.

Company Voluntary Arrangements

Entering into a legally-binding agreement.

Administration Order

A solution involving the protection of the Court.

Administration Receivership

A solution where the company has given security in the form of debentures.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Where a fully solvent company is being wound up because it is no longer required.

For further information on Corporate Debt Solutions please contact David Kaye or use our contact form.

David Kaye

For further information on our Insolvency Services please contact David Kaye or use our contact form